the food farm
Contact Name: 
Cheryl Carter Jones
2220 West Lowell Road
Columbus, IN 47201
Farm Description: 
the food farm is a new farm in the making on land that has been in the family since James Monroe signed the deeds to it in 1820. Our motto is “a joint venture with nature,” as we view ourselves as merely the current stewards of the land, striving to leave it better than we found it. In 2016, we will begin teaching sustainable living classes at the farm. Berries are a main concentration, with 40 different varieties planted. Our selections are based upon a blend of nutritional value and superior taste. As a new venture, we are still waiting for some of our berry plantings to bear fruit. We also grow vegetables, and have planted a fruit orchard and nut grove. The diversity of our product offering will increase over the years. This year will be our first year to plant vegetables in our year-round greenhouse. Our overall focus is on sustainability and nutrition.
Product Locations: 
Currently sell to fine restaurants