Maple Valley Farm and Harvest Partners LLLP
Bloomington IN
Drop Sites: 
Maple Valley Farm
Growing Method: 
100% grass-fed, grass finished organic beef, lamb and goat. Pasture-raised eggs, chicken, turkey. Woodland-raised pork. All omnivore rations are non-GMO. No antibiotics, pharmaceuticals, chemical treatments or hormones added.
Start Date: 
January 2016
Share timeframes: 
Annual (12 months)
Share Sizes: 
1/4 beef, 1/2 hog, 50 meat chickens, 2 doz. eggs / wk, 1 turkey, lamb and goat evenly divided.
$350 / mo
Potential for maple syrup, honey, black walnuts, duck, goat milk products, wild boar, venison and smoked fish.
Delivery Available: 
Pickup at Maple Valley Farm near Bloomington
Contact Name: 
Larry and Tina Howard
Phone Number: 
(812) 876-5023