Indiana Farm Tours - Mark Your Calendars!

As a part of the Beginning Farmer Rancher grant, five farm tours will be offered this year, as per the table below.  We encourage both prospective and beginning small farmers as well as experienced small farmers to join us for the day.  Advance registration is required as breakfast and lunch are provided for the attendees. 

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A  T     A     G  L  A  N  C  E





August 18, Tuesday

Caprini Creamery, Redbud Farm, LLC


Funding Partnerships and Dairy Dreams

September 8,


Growing Places Indy


Non Profit & Urban Agriculture Tour

September 14,


Morning Harvest


Institutional Marketing & Hydroponic Tour

October 11,  Sunday

Simpson Family Farm


Internships & Pastured Livestock Tour

November 7,  Saturday

Perkins Good Earth Farm


Soil Health & Cover Crop Tour

Caprini Creamery

Sit down to breakfast with other farmers, new and old, to hear about and discuss funding possibilities with institutions such as the National Resource Conservation Service and the Soil and Water Conservation District.  Stay for lunch and then travel over to Caprini Creamery, where they have been a part of such financial partnerships regarding their goat dairy!  While getting the tour of one of Indiana’s newest goat dairies, keep your eye out for their alpaca and herd of llamas.  The property has so much going on between the goats, the dairy and the other animals, it’s hard to believe they have only had the land since 2007!  There will be time at the end for questions and answers to make sure you take the most from this helpful and necessary educational experience.

Growing Places

Bright lights, big city!  Join us in the bustling metropolis that is Indianapolis on a tour of one of five micro-farms managed by Growing Places Indy.  This non-profit is up to so much!  Between managing a CSA, a farm stand and a U-Pick site, they also dedicate themselves to engaging with the urban community through a wide array of educational offerings including apprenticeships and workshops.  Tour attendees will tour their site that includes raised beds, their U-Pick patch and a 1,000 foot greenhouse where all of their plants are grown from seed.  With so much going on you won’t want to miss it.  Come for the tour, stay for the inspiration!

Morning Harvest

This tour provides the ultimate in innovative takeaways!  The Morning Harvest farm has created its own hydroponic system growing herbs and lettuces.  They have also tapped into the large, less championed markets of selling directly to institutions, such as schools and hospitals.  Their season extension has even allowed for growing strawberries all the way into November!  There will be so much to see and talk about in this small operation.  If you are interested in hydroponics and different selling opportunities, or are looking to diversify programs, you have already established this tour is a must!

Simpson Family Farm

Join us for a discussion focused on the benefits and challenges of having interns work on your farm. Enjoy lunch with other farmers, new and old. Then, take transportation for a tour of the Simpson Family Farm.  Darby and his wife, Brandy, are now the 7th generation stewards of this 300 acre farm.  Currently, the Simpsons and their two homeschooled sons, are focused on 50 acres as they build their livestock operations.  As they strive to return the land to a sustainable family economy, they are also teaching their sons valuable life lessons, as each is engaged in their own livestock enterprise.  Enjoy a walking tour of the grass-fed cattle, hog and poultry operations, while being entertained by Darby’s story of their farm, his adaptations of practices of sustainability gurus such as Joel Salatin and Mark Sheppard, and view their quaint home and farm buildings from an era long gone.  Darby will share his knowledge of pasture management and balancing sustainability with profitability.

Perkins Good Earth Farm

There’s nothing more elemental to an agricultural system than the soil!  Come out to learn how to improve the foundational health of yours with the use of cover crops and other tricks of the trade, shared by those who have already done that.  At Perkins Good Earth Farm, Dan and Julie Perkins emphasize beyond organic practices to bring their family and community the highest quality produce while improving, not degrading, the soil.  The morning will be spent at the DeMotte Public Library, where breakfast and lunch will be provided along with relevant discussion.  We will then travel to the farm to see the topics in action.