Guy Hardy

Guy and his wife, Pascale, moved to Bloomington in 1994 to raise their two children in the wholesome Midwest. Guy figures prominently in the local arts scene, playing oboe with the Bloomington Symphony Orchestra, the Southern Indiana Wind Ensemble, and the Bloomington Community Band. He also serves on the boards of several major arts organizations.

Guy is honored to serve on the LGG board as an avid urban gardener amongst a guild of real professionals. He hopes to add the depth and perspective of a community member to LGG’s programming.

Guy’s direct connection with the earth comes from his mother and his Native American ancestors, who were America’s first farmers. He grew up in the 60s, when we already realized that Big Agribusiness’s crusade to increase production and profit no matter what the cost to the biosphere was terribly damaging and unsustainable. Through LGG’s outreach and education programs, he hopes to help the LGG reconnect American families with the sources of their food, and to share the wisdom of proper stewardship of Mother Earth, who feeds us.  He currently has a 500 square foot garden and greenhouse at his home.

Last year, Guy served as the Chairman of the Membership Committee, represented the LGG at several community events, tabled at a number of Farmers’ Market, and worked in various other capacities to move our organization forward.