Claire Cumberland

Claire Cumberland is a born and raised Hoosier. After many university attendances she found herself finishing her Bachelor’s at IU Bloomington. This is where the adventure began!

Claire chose to design her own major through the Individualized Major Program, declaring her self a Bachelor’s in Ecopsychology. Through her hand-picked courses she chose to take the summer Permaculture course run by David Haberman, Peter Bane and Keith Johnson. Here she found her people and her inspiration. From here it was a whirlwind of how to get involved. She spent a season at Stranger’s Hill Organics, helped with projects at Renaissance Farm, hung out and asked a million questions at Bread and Roses and now spends her free time milling about Trader’s Point Creamery and helping out the Local Growers’ Guild.

Her father’s family had agricultural roots, but as the story goes for so many, those were severed when small farms were no longer profitable. Her wish is to somehow combine her past design experience, her love of hard work outdoors and helping others into some sort of conglomerate dream vocation on a homestead of her own! Nothing is set in stone yet, but she’s enjoying all the pieces as they come together forever going after that next piece to the puzzle.

She invites you to join the LGG and get involved in whatever way you can offer. The future needs a vibrant and secure food system made up of a diverse array of people and businesses!