Our Spring Bulk Order Program is now underway.  Here are the important dates for you to remember:

DEADLINE TO SUBMIT ORDERS:  Sunday, midnight, February 7th

EMAIL INVOICE DATE:  Wednesday, February 10th, by 9:00pm

DEADLINE TO SUBMIT PAYMENTS:  MUST BE RECEIVED BY Monday, February 18th – no exceptions

DISTRIBUTION DATE:  Saturday, February 27th

Our returning vendors are Nolts’ Produce and Greenhouse Supplies (farm/garden supplies, tools), White River Ag (conventional / organic cover crops), Neptune’s Harvest (fertilizer) and Ohio Earth Foods (amendments), including organic choices) – OEF price list. We are pleased to announce that we have also added CoolBot Refrigeration (CoolBot units) and Johnny’s Seed (tools and supplies only) to our list.  To view a vendor’s catalog, product listing, or products available through the bulk order, click on the name of the specific supplier above.  PLEASE NOTE:  You may only purchase items located in the Tools & Supplies section from Johnny’s Seeds.

Anyone may participate in our Spring Bulk Order – farmers, gardeners, and community organizations – members and non-members alike.  However, all non-members are assessed a $40.00 fee, or if you are a gardener or grower/producer, sharing our mission and vision, you may elect to join the Local Growers’ Guild at www.localgrowers.org/join prior to submitting your order to eliminate the non-member fee.  Please note that you must attest that no items you order are for resale purposes.

ORDER FORM:  Click here to access the order form.  Please note that this year we are using one order form for all vendors – there is a section for each on the form.  If you are ordering more items than space allows, please insert more lines into the form under that particular vendor.  Use the catalog price shown in Johnny’s Seed catalog, however, we will receive a 5-10% discount, which will be passed on to you once we receive their final pricing back to us (their pricing is based upon our total order – this is what is driving the delay in returning your invoice to you once you submit an order).  No late orders can be accepted.

INVOICES:  Your invoice will include your order total, shipping charges and a 10% coordination charge to goes to the Local Growers’ Guild.  We will pass on to everyone the full discounts that we receive as an organization.  We cannot determine exact prices until all orders are complete and shipping is calculated.

PAYMENTS:  You must pay by check or cash, however, the payment must reach us no later than Monday, February 18th or your order will not be submitted.

  • Payments may be mailed to:  Local Growers’ Guild, P.O. Box 2553, Bloomington, IN 47402 – allow ample time to be received by February 18th!
  • Payments may be dropped off at Personal Financial Services, 500 S Morton Street, Suite 25, Bloomington, IN 47403, Monday – Friday, 10:00am – 4:00pm.